Abby is role played by Sir Rock.

Abby Zappa

Abby Zappa

Yes of the Starsky
Date of Birth
October 25, 1999
Brigit and Mike
Pimpster, Emily, Skull
Seraphis Starsky, VSKF009 and VSKM010
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Starsky



Abby as the Dominant Female

was born on October 25, 1999 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was Brigit and her father was Mike, the dominant pair of the Zappa at the time. Her litter-mates were her one sister Emily(VZZF017) and two brothers Pimpster(VZZM014) and Skull(VZZM016). All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. When Abby's was three months old, Brigit sadly died and Mike and uncle Matt left the group and disappeared, making Abby and her sibling their last litter ever. Abby was was too young to compete for dominance, so her older sister Lollipop became the dominant female. Despite the lost of her mother Abby and her litter-mates survived. Abby wasn't able to help out with much babysitting or sentry duties till she was a year old. In March 2001 her brothers Pimpster and Skull went roving with their older brother Hooligan and disappared. In April her sister Emily was predated by a hawk leaving Abby as the last of her litter. Abby stayed in the Zappa a little longer. In October most of the adult males took to roving and a group of Commando males join the group. Lollipop became pregnant and evicted Abby along with Pumpkin, Emo, Olivia, Millie, Skittles and Candy. Millie was pregannt and gave birth while evicted. Only Emo, Candy and Skittles rejoined the group. Abby, Pumpkin and Olivia returned to Millie with the roving Zappa males who had been kicked out of the Zappa by the Commando males.


The splinter group established the Starsky Mob. The former dominant male Ghost became the dominant male of the Starsky. Although the oldest of the females was Pumpkin, it was Olivia who took dominance over the group. Abby helped to babysit both Olivia and Pumpkin's pups and when Pumpkin disappeared, Abby took it upon herself to care for her signal pup. Olivia was killed after an encounter with the Aztecs leaving the dominant female position to Abby. Soon after Ghost was predated by a jackal and Abby's nephew Twix took up dominance. Abyy mated with a rover named Gerald and became pregnant. She gave birth on September 20, 2002 to three pups Seraphis, VSKF009 and VSKM010. Her three pups survived. Then in December Abby mated with Commando males named Helios and became pregnant. Abby is still the Dominant Female of the Starsky today.


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