Angelina is role played by Meerkatpaw.

Angelina Whiskers


Date of Birth
August 5, 2000
Known For
Gattaca Founder


Angelina(VWM028) was born on August 5, 2000 in the Whiskers Mob.Her mother was not the dominant female but a subordinate named Ginger and her father was a rover named Gothic. She was born with 2 litter-mates named Raymond(VWM030) and Lucas(VWM029) who was confused to be a female. They were allowed by the dominant female, Fu Dog to remain in the mob. They soon emerged from the burrow and foraged with the adults.A month after, Fu Dog gave birth to 2 new pups but they were still too young to help out with the new pups.Soon they reached their first and second birthday in the mob. Angelina started to attract rovers and her brothers started to rove. Her mother died from a car while saving Bee who died later on. She never saw Ginger again. Most of the time was a very calm environment and she reached her 2nd birthday aside from Raymond who disappeared mysteriouslyand Lucas left the group. All of that changed when she was evicted for the first time in late August 2002 along with several other females including SnickersFire StormCatnip  and Rina. They spent a night in a nearby burrow. All was calm for a while until a group of Zappa males approached the evicted females. 


The Zappa males after all weren't a threat and joined the evicted females, creating a new group called the Gattaca Mob. Being one of the youngest, she did not bother going for the dominant female position while Catnip and a Zappa male called Napoleon became the two dominants. Angelina is still alive in the Gattaca.


Whiskers Mob

Gattaca Mob

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