Ares Commandos

Ares Commandos

Formerly of the Zappa
Date of Birth
September 27, 1998
Zilla and Frodo
Hermes, Tulp and Shade
Known For
Dominant Male of the Zappa

Ares is role played by Aniju Aura.


Ares(VCDM009) was born on September 27, 1998 in the Commandos. His mother was Zilla and his father was Frodo the dominant pair of the Commandos. Ares had three litter-mates, his one sister Tulp(VCDF011) and his two brothers Hermes(VCDM010) and Shade(VCDM012). They were Zilla's fourth litter ever and all four pups survived to ahulthood. Zilla gave birth to two more litters after Ares'. Sadly Frodo died in October 1999 followed by Zilla who died of disease in December 1999. Ares' older siblings Libitina became the new dominant female while Kronos became the dominant male. However Kronos left and joined the Whiskers so Zeus became the natal dominant male of the Commandos. Royal, one of his older sisters, left the group and joined the Lazuli. Ares went roving at the Zappa wear he managed to chase the eye of the dominant female Lollipop. He mated with Lollipop but soon left and roved with Zeus at the Lazuli. He tried to mate with Buttercup but was chased away by the males. He and Zeus later returned to the Commandos later on. Lollipop gave birth on April 4, 2000 to Rune, Twix, Skittles and Candy. Ares went roving again at the Whiskers and mated with a subordinate female named Georgina. When Ares returned to the group, he found that his sister Tulp had disappeared. In December 2000, the Commandos splintered to form the Aztecs, his brother Shade was amoung the meerkats who left. His brother Hermes soon disappeared making Ares the last of his litter still in the Commandos. Ares went roving again at Zappa when all the adult males were away roving. He mated with Lollipop again and followed them back to the burrow where he spent the night. It seemed as if he would stay in the group and become the dominant male, however soon the males returned from roving. Ares left the Zappa and went back to the Commandos where he found his nephew Thor wondering around. Ares stayed in the Commandos a little longer till she went roving with Uranus and Helios.


The rovers made their way into the Zappa while the males were away roving. The following month, two new Commando males, Vulcan and Morpheus joined the group. Ares became the dominant male and mated with the dominant female Lollipop. They soon started to preduce litters. Shortly after their last litte, the eldest males started to dispers from the mob. The Zappa encountered two unknown meerkats, Ares chansed them off and got int a fight with one of them. He reseaved a wound that became infected and he later died on December 6, 2002 from the infection.


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