Bliss is role played by Meerkatpaw.
Bliss Zappa



Bliss(VZZF035) was born in the Zappa Mob on January 9, 2001. Her mother was a subornate female named Joy, and her father was a rover named Tryan. Bliss was born with two brothers named Happy(VZZM036) and Glee(VZZM037). Bliss and her brothers could have been killed since they were not the pups of the dominant female, but Lollipop allowed them to live. Bliss and her brothers made it to four months old when they learned how to hunt and take setry. Sadly, Bliss' mother Joy disapeared during May 2001. Bliss and her two brothers survived to adulthood without much event. As an adult female, Bliss started to babysit and kept sentry. Bliss is still alive in the Zappa today.


Zappa Mob

Joy Zappa

Tryan Whiskers

lollipop Zappa

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