Budge is role played by Denny60643 and then SnapeFan1.


Budge(VWM003) was born on June 12, 1998 into the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Bumble and his father was Delphy. His mother wasn't the dominant female but his aunt Molly and his father was not the dominant male but his uncle Argan He was born with one sister named Comet(VWM002). They were the first pups to be born in the Whiskers. Budge and his brother Comet survived to adulthood. His mother disappeared and was Last seen with Budge's two other aunts. After Molly died her daughter Fu Dog. Budge became the domiannt male but soon a Commando named Kronos joined the grou and became the dominant male. Budge remained in the group and went roving at the Zappa where he tried to mate with Emo. He disapeared along with Ceasar in June 2000 and was considered Last Seen.


Mother: Bumble

Father: Delphy

Brother: Comet


Whiskers Mob