Cactus is role

layed by Meerkats123.



Cactus(VLM020) was born in the Lazuli on November 4, 1999. His mother was Hattie and his father was Ralph. His litter-mates were his two sisters Clarabell(VLF023) and Cleo(VLF022) and one brother Cookie(VLM021). His parents were the dominant pair of the Lazuli at the time. Sadly his mother and father died and Sahara and Subaru took dominance. Then a Commando female named Royal joined the group. Cactus played a low key amoung the Lazuli unlike his two silbings Cleo and Cookie. Sahara gave birth to five pups but one was killed by the Zappa. The group splintered, Cactus was the only one in Sahara's group out of his litter. The group only have seven members but the splinter groups soon re-united. Later Cactus became sperated from the group however dominant male Subaru and Cookie were able to find him and bring him back to the mob Cactus and his litter-mates reached a year of age and started helping around the mob. Cactus started to rove ad visited the Whiskers in early 2001. Cactus stayed in the Lazuli until November 2001.


Mother: Hattie

Father: Ralph

Brother: Cookie

Sisters: Cleo and Clarabell


Lazuli Mob

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