Cecilia is role played by Lilly Lovegood(2) .
Cecilia Commandos



Cecilia(VCDF028) was born on December 28, 1998 in the Commandos Mob. Her mother was Pat and her father was Delphy. Her litter-mates were one brother VCDM015 and one sister Rhea(VCDF016). They survived to adulthood. Her mother however never saw her pups became adults. Pat was banished by Zilla, the dominant female, along with Mary and Rosie and disappearedforever. Sadly, in December 1999 the Zilla died and Libitina became the dominant female. Cecilia's's older cousin Royal left the group and joined the Lazuli while Kronos joined the Whiskers. After her older cousin Gaia gave birth to four pups, Cecilia was the second to babysit. Cecilia started to become an active member of the Commandos, she babysat and helped hunt. She was also one of the most fiesty meerkats ever known like most Commandos. She helped Libitina and Gaia drive out her brother Zeus when he started acting up within the mob. He was allowed to return a few hours later. After Libitina and Gaia gave birth to their litters, a rover named Crackle was seen roving at the burrow. Commandos drove him away. Cecilia is still in the Commandos today.


Mother: Pat

Father: Delphy

Sister: Rhea

Brother: VCDM015


Commandos Mob