Clarabell is role played by Moonstar10.


Clarabell(VLF023) was born November 4, 1999 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Hattie and her father was Ralph. Her litter-mates were her sister one Cleo(VLF022) and two brothers Cookie(VLM021) and Cactus(VLM020). Her parents were the dominant pair of the Lazuli at the time. Her father soon died of disease and not long after her mother Hattie followed. Clarabell's aunt and uncle Sahara and Subaru took dominance of the Lazuli. Clarabell is still in the Lazuli today at 10 months old.


Mother: Hattie

Father: Ralph

Sister: Cleo

Brothers: Cookie and Cactus


Lazuli Mob

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