Cleo Lazuli

Cleo Lazuli

Date of Birth
November 4, 1999
Hattie and Ralph
Known For
Hattie's daughter
Cloe is role played by Aniju Aura.

Cleo with pup


Cleo(VLF022) was born in the Lazuli Mob on November 4, 1999. Her mother was Hattie and her father was Ralph. Her litter-mates were her two brothers named Cactus(VLM020) and Cookie(VLM021) and one sister named Clarabell(VLF023). Her mother had taken over as the new dominant female after Zizus had died while Ralph had joined the group and became the dominant male. Sadly Ralph contracted TB and died soon after Cleo was born. A month later, Cleo's mother Hattie also succumbed to the disease. Cleo's aunt Sahara took over as the new dominant female along with Subaru, her litter-mate brotherm became the dominant male. Cleo and her litter-mates survived however without their mother. Cleo's litter-mate brother Cactus got his food stolen from him by Sahara. Soon Sahara gave birth to five pups but Cleo was too young to help babysit. Cleo and Cookie became afraid to sleep in the Lauzli burrow after the Zappa had raided the burrow. They spent the night in a bolt hole with Subaru. Cleo was often seen following her uncle Padfoot around. The Lazuli had a big group split taking most of the pups. Cleo was in the splinter group along with her brother Cookie and sister Clarabell and most of her older siblings. Cleo and Buttercup were often seen with the pups but neither could feed the pups at the time. Soon the splinter group met up with the main group. A snake had gone down the burrow where the new pups were located so Sahara made a burrow move at night. Cleo stayed behind with the two evicted females, even though she herself was not evicted. She was too young to be evicted. Cleo, Royal and Buttercup were seperated from the group. Royal left the two females so Cleo and Buttercup had to rely on each other. After a few days, the females were able to relocate the new burrow, Padfoot was babysitting that day. Buttercup gave birth at the new burrow. Not long after Cleo reach her first birthday along with her sister and brothers. Cleo started helping out with the pups by babysitting and caring for them. She kept away from the rovers who appeared at the Lazuli looking for females to mate with. Her two brothers started to rove and Clarabell was evicted. In Lat e 2001 her bother Cookie and Custus left with Subaru and most of the eldest males to join the Commandos. Cleo was the last of her litter in the Lazuli. Cleo is still in the Lazuli today.


Mother: Hattie

Father: Ralph

Sister: Clarabell

Brothers: Cactus and Cookie


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