Cookie is role played by Sir Rock.

Cookie Lazuli

Cookie Lazuli

Date of Birth
November 4, 1999
Hattie and Ralph
Known For
One of Hattie's two sons


Cookie(VLM021) was born in the Lazuli on November 4, 1999. His mother was Hattie and his father was Ralph. His litter-mates were Cactus(VLM020) and two sisters Cloe(VLF022) and Clarabell(VLF023). They survived their first few weeks. Their mother was the dominantr female and their father was the dominant male. Sadly Cookie lost his father Ralph. After Ralpd died, Cookie's mother Hattie soon followed. Their aunt Sahara and uncle Subaru became the new dominant pair. Sahara gave birth to five pups in February making Cookie and his litter-mates no longer the pups of the Lazuli. By then Cookie was three months old and was able to care for himself. He started to follow dominant male Subaru and Padfoot around. After the Lazuli burrow was raided by the Zappa, in which one of the pups was killed, Cookie wouldn't sleep in the burrow because it smelled of Zappa. He, Cleo and Subaru spent the night in a bolt hole and rejoined the group the next day. A few weeks later the Lazuli splintered, Cookie was with most of the meerkats in his group including three of the four pups. Soon however the two groups rejoined. Later Cactus became sperated from the mob but Cookie and dominant male Subaru were able to lead him back to the safety of the group. Not long after Cookie and his litter-mates reached a year of age ad started helpig out around the group. His brother Cactus started roving before him however in May 2001 Cookie wet roving for the first time. Cookie went roving again with Subaru, Padfoot, Butch, Cactus, Kolo and Elvis and left the Lazuli for good.


The rovers came across a group that all the adult males had left known as the Commandos. Subaru became the dominant male beside the dominant female Libitina. Cookie is still in the Commandos today.


Mother: Hattie

Father: Ralph

Brother: Cactus

Sisters: Cleo and Clarabell


Lazuli Mob

Commandos Mob