Dahvie is role played by Aniju Aura.
Dahvie Zappa



Dahvie(VZZM028) was born in the Zappa Mob on September 12, 2000. His mother was Lollipop and his father was Padfoot. He was born in a litter of three with one sister Lady Day(VZZF029) and one brother Jayy(VZZM030). Dahvie's mother was the domiant female of the Zappa whiel his father was a rover from the Lazuli, a rival gang. All three pups survived their first few months. In December Dahvie's aut Pumpkin gave birth to a litter of four pups, by then Dahvie had past the easy life of a pup and was now old enough to care for himself. It wasn't long before Dahvie and his brother and sister made it through their first year and became adults. A group of Commandos males son joined the groupo kicking out Ghost and several other males. Lollipop evicted some females who met up wiht the Zappa males. Dahvie soon started to take an interest in roving. He went roving in Janaury 2002 with Rune, Gimzo and his brother Jayy. The soon came across the splinter group of exiled Zappa meerkats.


The four rovers soon joined Starsky after the Zappa chased the off. Dahvie and the other males simply stayed in the Starsky after that. Dahvie is still in the Starsky today.


Zappa Mob

Starsky Mob

Lollipop Zappa

Padfoot Lazuli

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