Devon is role played by Nimrod123.


Devon(VWM039) was born into the Whiskers Mob on April 20, 2001. Devon was born to Fu Dog, the dominant female, and Kronos, the dominant male. His litter-mates are his sister Katrina(VWF038) and his brother Grand(VWM040). Being the pups of the dominant pair, Devon and his siblings were good taken care by the adults and survived their first few weeks. Four weeks later they went foraging with the group for first time. On December 2001 his mother gave birth to a new litter, now they were old enough to fend for themselves. They all managed to make it to a year old, except for Katrina that was last seen. Devon is still alive in the Whiskers, he is one year and three months old.  On July 2002 Devon went roving for first time along with his brother Grand, however he was unsuccessful unlike Grand who managed to mate with a female.
Meerkat at the Köln Zoo


Mother: Fu Dog

Father: Kronos

Brother: Grand

Sister: Katrina.


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Devon sitting

Whiskers Mob

Fu Dog Whiskers

Kronos Commandos

Grand Whiskers

Katrina Whiskers

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