Elvis is role played by Aniju Aura.

Elvis Lazuli

Elvis Lazuli

Date of Birth
February 15, 2000
Kolo, Auqa, VLP026 and Christina
VAZM014, Brine Aztecs, Stoli Aztecs, VAZF017
Known For
One of Sahara's eldest sons


Elvis(VLM027) was born in the Lazuli on born on February 15, 2000 in the Lazuli. His mother was Sahara the dominant female. His uncle Subaru was acting as the dominant male at the time but he was not Elvis' father, his father was a rover from the Zappa named Ghost. Elvis was born in a litter of five, his four litter-mates were Kolo(VLM024), Aqua(VLF025), VLP026 and Christina(VLF028). They were Sahara's first surviving litter ever but sadly VLP026 was killed within that month. The four remaining pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. In April when Elvis was only three months old, the Lazuli experience a splinter, several members split grom the group including Elvis and his two sisters while Kolo stayed in the Lazuli. The splinter group soon rejoined the Lazuli and Elvis was re-united with his mother and brother. Since he was not yet a year old, Elvis played a low key member till he was around a year old. He started babysitting and takin sentry. Elvis' sister Christina was evicted along with their aunts Farreri and Gracy by Sahara and disappeared in May 2001. Elivs went roving along with his uncles Subaru, Padfoot and Butch and his cousin Cookie and brother Kolo went in early 2001. The males first visited the Aztecs and the Zappa but were chased away both times. While returning the males ran intot he Aztecs again where Elvis was the only lucky one to catch the interest of a female named Rhea. After mating with her, the males return to the Lazuli. Elvis stayed in the Lazuli for a year and nine months before he took to roving again with Subaru, Padfoot, Butch, Cookie, Cactus and his litter-mate brother Kolo. The males visted the Commandos babysitting burrow first then the Aztecs again, where Elvis found out that Rhea have given birth to a litter.


The group of seven rovers came across the Commandos Mob again. The Lazuli males easily made their way into the Commandos, since all the adult males had left the group. Subaru established dominance beside the dominant female Libitina. Elvis is still in the Commandos today.


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Commandos Mob

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