Eris is role played by Sir Rock.

Eris Commandos


Date of Birth
May 24, 1998
Zilla and Frodo
Known For
Commando female


Eris and Ricochet

Eris and Ricochet

was born on May 24, 1998 in the Commandos. Her mother was Zilla and her father was Frodo the dominant pair. Her litter-mates consided of her one sister names Hera(VCSF006) and two brothers Zeus(VCDM005) and Hades(VCDM007). They were the second litter ever born in the Commandos. Eris and her three litter-mates made it through their first year and started taking an active role in the mob. Eris started to help out with babysitting and keep sentry even though she was a little lazy at it. Being a spoil brat of the dominant female, stealing food from the pups wasn't below Eris. After her mother died, Eris competed for dominance but her older sister Libitina became the new dominant female. Eris remained in the group and her older sister Royal left the group and joined the Lazuli. Her older brother Kronos, who had been the dominant male of the Commandos after Frodo, left and joined the Whiskers. Eris was one of the oldest females within the group. In late 2000 the group splintered and most of the oldest females left the group. Eris remained and became the second oldest female under Libitina. Eris mated with a rover named Butch, who was from the Lazuli. Libitina was also pregnant and being the second oldest female in the group, Eris was a prime target for eviction. She was the first to be evicted along with her younger sister Isis. The two females wondered around looking to rejoin the group but the Commandos had moved burrows. Instead Eris and Isis came across another group.


The two evicted females stumble along the Aztecs's burrow. The Aztecs were made up of a Commando splinter group and Gaia, Libitina's litter-mate sister, had taken dominance. The Aztecs were in need of some new babysitters so Eris and Isis were allowed to join the group. She was still pregnant when she and Isis joined the group. On March 13, 2001 Eris gave birth to Pepillo, Steampunk and Daniela. All three of her pups survived. Eris stayed in the group and helped with the pups. In March 2002, Eris was evicted along with her litter-mate sister Hera, and younger cousin Rhea and younger sister Isis. The four females stayed to gether disappeared. Eris were considered Last Seen in March 2002.


Commandos Mob

Aztecs Mob