Fire Song was roleplayed Silverstar10

Fire Song Zappa

Fire Song

Date of Birth
September 12, 2000
Frolic Zappa, VZZP048 and VZZP049
Known For
Lollipop's fierce daughter


Fire Song(VZZF029) was born on Spetember 12, 2000 in the Zappa Mob. Her parents were Lollipop, the domiant female of the group, and her father was a Lazuli rover named Padfoot. She was born with two brothers Dahvie(VZZM028) and Jayy(VZZM030). Fire Song and her brothers survived their first few weeks and started forgaging with the adults. She was unsually fierce and aggresive unlike her siblings, making her a surviver. In December, her aunt Pumpkin gave birth to a new litter. Fire Song wa sno longer the youngest pup in the group. She soon reached her first birthday and took sentry duty and sometimes babysat for pups.  A group of Commandos came in the mob and kicked out Ghost and serval males. A few weeks later, Lollipop evicted a couple of females. Luckily, Fire Song was not one of those victed females. Her brothers Dahvie and Jayy and a few other males left the mob and joined the newly formed Starsky Mob. During January 2002, Fire Song mated with a Lazuli male named Kolo and became pregnant. On February 14, 2001 Fire Song gave birth to Frolic, VZZP048 and VZZP049. Shortly after having her litter Fire Song disappared.


Zappa Mob

Lollipop Zappa

Padfoot Lazuli

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