Frolic is role played by Sir Rock.
Frolic Zappa



Frolic(VZZM047) was born in the Zappa on February 14, 2002. His mother was Fire Song and his father was a rover named Kolo. His litter-mates were his brother Yambo(VZZM048) and sister Mara(VZZF049). His mother was a subordinate female in the Zappa and his father was a rover from the Lazuli Mob. Frolic's grandmother and dominant female of the Zappa Lollipop's last litter were older so she allowed the subordinate litter to remain in the Zappa. Shortly after Frolic's birth, his mother disappeared leaving him and his siblings in the care of his grandmother and the other females in the Zappa. Frolic and his litter survived their first few months and remaled the youngest member of the mob untill the dominant female gave birth in September. Frolic is still alive in the Zappa today.


Zappa Mob

Fire Song Zappa

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