Gattaca Mob

Gattaca Mob

Date of Forming
September 2002
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Gattaca was formed by evicted Whisker females and a group of Zappa rovers. The Whisker females had spend the night at a bolt hole after beign evicted and the very next day, the females were lured away from the Whiskers by a group of Zappa rovers.

The Gattaca's role play center is Provine Territory.

Dominant Pair

After soon as the group was founded, the biggest and oldest of the females Catnip started to asert her dominance over the other females. One of the Zappa males named Napoleon established dominance.

Current Members

The Gattaca have 13 as of November 2002.
Napoleon DM


Catnip (VWF016)  (Played by Aniju Aura) Dominant Female

Napoleon (VZZM031) (Played by Sir RockDominant Male

Snickers (VYF046) (Played by Meerkats123)

Fire Storm (VWF023) (Played by Meerkats123)

Angelina (VWF028) (Played by Meerkatpaw)

Rina (VWF031) (Role Played by Sir Rock)

Muffin (VZZM034) (Played by Aniju Aura)

Happy (VZZM036) (Played by Meerkats123)

Ryozo (VZZM041) (Played by Meerkatpaw)

VGGP001 (This meerkat is available)

Caleb (VGGM002) (Role Played by Sir Rock)

VGGP003 (This meerkat is available)

VGGP004 (Played by Aniju Aura)

All Known Members

All the known meerkats who have joined or where born in the Gattaca.

Catnip (VWF016) 
Catnip Whiskers


Snickers (VYF046)

Fire Storm (VWF023)

Angelina (VWF028)

Rina (VWF031)

Napoleon (VZZM031)

Muffin (VZZM034)

Happy (VZZM036)

Ryozo (VZZM041)


Caleb (VGGM002)




The Gattaca's main rivals are the Aztecs, Whiskers and Lazuli.


September 2002: Catnip, Snickers, Fire Storm, Angelina and Rina teamped up with Nepoleon, Muffin, Happy and Ryozo. Catnip and Napoleon became the dominant pair.

October 2002: Catnip was pregnant. One encounter with Whiskers.

November 2002: Catnip gave birth to VGGP001, Caleb, VGGP003 and VGGP004. Fire Storm was evicted.

December 2002: Two encounters with Zappa.

Janaury 2003: Nemo and Sherlock visited. One encounter with Whiskers and Zappa.

February 2003: coming soon...