Georgina is roleplayed by Head.Boy.Hog.
Georgine Whiskers



Georgina(VWF013) was born into the Whiskers mob on May 26, 1999. Her mother was Molly and her father was Argan. She had one sister named Ginger(VWF012) and two brothers named Crackle(VWM014) and Cowslip(VWM015). All four pups survived to adulthood. Sadly her mother Molly died and Georgina's older sister Fu Dog became the new dominant female. Georgina remained in her place till when a Commando rover named Zeus showed up at the Whiskers. He had plagued the Whiskers before but this time Georgina wondered away from her group after him into the enemy territory. The two meerkats were spotted by the Commandos and Georgina found herself in a pickle but luckily for Georgina the Whiskers came to her rescue. In late 2000, Grogina mated with a rover named Ares, from the Commandos. On December 8, 2000 she gave birth to Polar Bear, Gerald and Malika. All three pups survived and started foraging with the adults. Georgina was evicted and disappeared.


Mother: Molly

Father: Argan

Sister: Ginger

Brothers: Crackle and Cowslip

Mate: Ares

Children: Polar Bear, Gerald and Malika


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