Ghost is role played by Meerkats123.

Ghost Zappa

Ghost Zappa

Formally of the Zappa and Starsky
Date of Birth
December 22, 1998
Brigit and Mike
Sahara Gaia and Royal
Kolo Lazuli, VLP025, VLP026, VLP027 and VLP028 VLP029 VLP030 VLP031 VLP032 VLP033, VLP034, VAZP011, VAZP012 and VAZP013
Known For
A big Zappa rover


Ghost(VZZM001) was born on December 22, 1998 the Zappa Mob. His mother was Brigit and his father was Mike. His litter-mates were Lollipop(VZZF002), Hooligan(VZZM003) and Pumpkin(VZZF004). They were the first litter ever born in the Zappa. His mother was the dominant female and his father was the dominant male so the pups were well looked after. After being the dominant female for a year, Brigit was killed by a snake. Elfy had left the group and Nimph was predated so Lollipop staretd acting as the dominant male. Mike left the group so Ghost became the dominant male of the Zappa. After a while he started to rove and visited the Whiskers where he mated with Bee. He appeared at the Lazuli and mated with Sahara. A little later he, Sahara and Royal spent a day together. Ghost soon left the Lazuli and appeared at the Commandos and tried to mate with Libitina but the dominant female attacked him. The Zappa splintered twice, Ghost was in both group without Lollipop. The splinter groups soon rejoined the Zappa. Ghost kept roving and mated with Sahara and Royal of the Lazuli. Ghost stopped roving for a while until he visited the Aztecs in 2001 and mated with Gaia. Then she gave birth to VAZP011, VAZP012 and VAZP013 Ghost stayed in the Zappa a little longer. In November 2001, Ghost went roving along with his nephews: Gothic, Punker, Twix and Tiny. They attempted to return to the Zappa in Deceber, but were chased off by by a large group of Commando rovers. The rovers were never allowed to rejoin the Zappa.


The rovers joined up with some evicted Zappa females and Millie's two pups to form the Starsky. Ghost took male dominance right away. Ghostwas sadly predated after about a year leading the Starsky.


Mother: Brigit

Father: Mike

Brother: Hooligan

Sisters: Lollipop and Pumpkin

Mate: Sahara

Children: Kolo, VLP025, VLP026, VLP027 and VLP028


Zappa Mob