Ginger is role played by Sir Rock.

Ginger Whiskers

Ginger Whiskers

Date of Birth
May 26, 1999
Molly and Argan
Georgina, Crackle and Cowslip
Known For
Whisker Babysitter


Ginger(VWF012) was born on May 26, 1999 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was the dominant female Molly and her father was the dominant male Argan. Her litter-mates were her one sisters Georgina(VWF013) and two brothers Crackle(VWM014) and Cowslip(VWM015). All four pups survived to adulthood. Molly sadly died and Argan left the group. to rove but later died. Fu Dog became the new dominant female while Budge became the new dominant male. Then Kronos joined the group and became the dominant male. After the group split, Ginger was in the splinter group led by Bee, her older cousin. The two group soon rejoined. A little later when Ginger was a year and a half, she mated with a rover from the Zappa named Gothic. The Whiskes got in a territory fight with the Commandos after her sister Georgina was attacked. Ginger did not fight but ran away to safe guard her unborn pups. This prove to be a good choice because, on August 5, 2000 Ginger gave birth to her first litter ever, VWF028, Lucas and Raymond. Georgina disappeared and Cowslip left the group to rove and was Last Seen. In October Ginger was evicted along with Bee and Catnip. The females soon met up with Amber who had been evicted before and later Snickers joined the females after she was evicted by Fu Dog. The females returned tot he old burrow for the night and discovered a cape corba in the burrow. An appoaching storm forced the females to share the burrow with the snake. The next day it was discovered that Bee had been bitten by the snake during the night. The females tired to relocate the Whiskers across the main road. Ginger was hit by a care while saving Bee's life and died on December 27, 2001.


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