Gizmo is role played by Aniju Aura.

Gizmo Zappa

Gizmo Zappa

Date of Birth
August 1, 2000
Known For
Gecko's brother



Gizmo as a pup

was born on August 1, 2000 in the Zappa, he was actually born during a time when the Zappa had splintered. His mother was Emo and his father was Hades. His litter-mates were Gecko(VZZM026) and his sister Gypsy(VZZF027). The pups had been born in the splinter group with only five adults. Their mother Emo was the only female in the splinter group. The splinter group rejoined the main group however during a burrow move, Gecko was left behind. He was found and adopted into the Commandos. Gizmo and his sister Gypsy were looked after by the Zappa. Not long after Lollipop gave birth to a litter. By then Gizmo was old enough to care for himself. Gizmo and his sister and brother off in the Commandos reach their first birthday and started helping out around the mob. Soon Gizmo became the oldest Zappa born male still in the group in October 2001 when a group of Commando rovers joined. Soon Gimzo went roving with Rune, Dahvie and Jayy.


The four males soon came across the Starsky Mob. The group was made up of evicted Zappa females and former Zappa rovers. Soon the Zappa spotted the new mob and gave chase, the four new rovers followed the Starsky. Afterwards Gizmo and the toher males stayed in the Starsky. Gimzo is still in the Starsky today.


Zappa Mob

Starsky Mob

Emo Zappa

Hades Commandos

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