Gray is role played by XBoys .

Gray Commandos

Gray with babysitter Hades


Gray(VCDM047) was born in the Commandos Mob on July 31 2001. His mother
Gray Commandos2


was Artemis and his father was Nero. Gray's litter-mates were his two sisters Ahti(VCDF044) and VCDF046 and one brother Phobos (VCDM045). In August 2001, he was trapped in a raid made by the Zappas but luckily had Hades as the babysitter. Hades soon dissappeared after the raid. In October 2001 Gray's sister Ahti disappared. He followed a rover named Punker in late February 2002 and was followed by his brother Phobos. Gray mistook him as another meerkat and therefore attacked him. Phobos took revenge on Gray and thus starting a rivalry between the young brothers. But soon Phobos saved Gray from an encounter with the Aztec Mob but the relationship between the two is unknown. Gray is still alive today at the Commandos Mob.  


Commandos Mob

Artemis Commandos

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