Hayes is role played by XBoys.



Zappa Edit

Hayes(VZZF039) was born in the Zappa on March 18, 2001. Her mother was Lollipop and her father was a Whisker rover named Comet. She has one sister named Twinkie(VZZF038) and a brother named Sirrus(VZZM040). Since they were born to the dominant female, they were looked after really well. The Zappa was one of the largest mobs then so chances for survival are high. They foraged with the adults at four weeks. Being a pup ended when her mother gave birth to a litter in June. She was old enough to fend for herself but not old enough to help with the pups. Soon, a group of Commando males joined and Ares established dominance. Former dominant male Ghost was kicked out including other Zappa males. Soon, she faced a snake threatening the lives of some pups and was bitten by it. Hayes is still alive in the Zappa.


Zappa Mob

Comet Whiskers

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