Helios is role played by Aniju Aura.
Helios Commandos



Helios(VCDM034) was born in the Commandos Mob on March 20, 2000. His mother was Libitina and his father was Subaru. He was born with one brother Pluto(VCDM031) and two sisters Freya(VCDF032) and Keiferi(VCDF033). Being the dominant female's pups, Helios and his siblings had a better chance at surviving. His aunt Gaia also gave birth to three pups. Libitina allowed them to survived. His father Subaru was a rover so the dominant male was Hades at the time. Helios and the other pups all survived thier first few months. His sister Keiferi disappeared. In late 2000 the Commandos split in half, one have formed the Aztecs. His brother Pluto was with the splinter group aling with his cousin William. Helios and his remaining siblings survived to their first birthday and became full adults. He started to babysit, take sentry duties and rove with the older males.


In October 2001,


Helios went rovingalong with his uncles Ares and Uranus at the Zappa. The males were joined up with three Commando males who had been in the Aztecs, Vulcan, Morpheus, and his litter-mate brother Pluto. The Commando males made their way into the Zappa kicking out the oldest of the males. Ares established dominance beside the dominant female. Helios is still alive in the Zappa today.


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