Isis is Role Played by Aniju Aura.

Isis Commandos

Isis Commandos

Date of Birth
August 17, 1999
Zilla and Frodo
Artemis, Mars and Jupiter
VAZP021 and Whitney Aztecs
Known For
Born in Zilla's last litter


Isis(VCDF024) was born in the Commandos on August 17, 1999. Her mother was Zilla and her father was Frodo, the dominant couple of the Commandos. She was born with one litter-mate sister named Artemis(VCDF025) and two brothers Mars(VCDM023) and Jupiter(VCDM026). They were Zilla's last litter ever. Sadly in October 1999, Isis' father Frodo died. Her older brother Kronos became the new dominant male. Then Isis lost her mother when Zilla died of disease in December. Isis was way too young to compete for dominance since she was only four months old. Her older sister Libitina became the new dominant female. Isis and her litter-mates managed to survive throughout their first year and Isis played a low key member since she was so young. She started to help out with babysitting an taking sentry at a year of age. In late 2000 the Commandos splintered and never rejoined. Isis stayed in the main group however both Libitina and Eris became pregnant. Libitina evicted both Eris and Isis who stayed together during their evitcion. The two evicted females wondered the Kalari looking for the mob, kleeping each other warm at night and groomed each other to keep ticks and fleas off.


Finally the two females came across the Commando splinter group known as the Aztecs. Their older sister Gaia has established dominance and the whole group was made up of Isis' family so they allowed her and Eris to join the group. Both Gaia and another female named Hera had given birth to litters, but they Aztecs had over used the burrow. Gaia made a burrow move, Isis was one of the females to help move the pups. Once at the new burrow, Isis volunteered to babysit. Isis stayedin the Aztecs helping out with the other females's pups. Finally her time came when a group of Whiskers rovers joined the Aztecs. Isis mated with one of the males named Lucas and became pregnant. Gaia was also pregnant and evicted Isis with Eris, Hera, Rhea and Ricochet. On Janaury 22, 2002, Isis gave birth to VAZP021 and Whitney after retunring to the Aztecs's burrow. Almost three months later Isis was evicted by pregnant Gaia along with Here, Eris and Rhea. The females dispersed from the group.


Commandos Mob

Aztecs Mob

Lucas Whiskers