Jayy is role played by Sir Rock.

Jayy Zappa

Jayy Zappa

Date of Birth
September 12, 2000
Known For
Dahvie's brother


Jayy(VZZM030) was born on September 12, 2000 in the Zappa. His mother was Lollipop, the dominant female and his father was Padfoot, a rover from the Lazuli. Jayy was born with two litter-mates, a brother named Dahvie(VZZM028) and a sister named Fire Song(VZZF029). All three pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. A month after the pups were born, their cousin Gecko was adopted into the Commandos. Jayy's aunt Pumpkin gave birth to four pups in December making Jayy and his litter-mates no longer the pups of the Zappa. By then Jayy was old enough to care for himself. He and his litter-mates survived through their first year. In October 2001, a group of Commandos males joined the Zappa while most of the males were away. Later Lollipop evicted several females who met up with the roving Zappa males. In Janaury 2001, Jayy went roving for the first time with his litter-mate brother Dahvie and older brother Rune and cousin Gizmo.


The males came across the smaller Starsky Mob looking for females. They didn't know it at first but this mob was made up of the roving Zappamales who were displaced by th Commando males and the evicted Zappa females. After a group encounter with the Zappa, Jayy and the other rovers simply stayed in the Starsky. The dominant male was Ghost who had been the former dominant male of the Zappa, till he was disappeared. At first none of the males seemed interested in taking dominance, probably because all the females in the group were related to them in some way. Finally Twix became the dominant male. Jayy remained in the Starsky for another five months until in November 2002 he and all the adult males took to roving and again in December. Both roving trips the Zappa boys visited the Aztecs, however the natal-males chased them away. Only Twix was able to mate with the new dominant female Ricochet. Jayy is still alive in the Starsky today.


Zappa Mob

Starsky Mob

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