Katrina is role played by Silver.
Katrina Whiskers

Katrina at seven months old


Katrina(VWF038) was born on April 20, 2001 in the Whiskers. She was born to Fu Dog and Kronos the dominant pair of the Whiskers. She was born with two litter-mates brothers named Devon(VWM039 and Grand(VWM040). Being the domiant female's pups, Katrina and her brothers were well cared for and went forgaing with the group at four weeks old.Katrina and her litter survived to seven months old when her mother gave birth to another litter. Katrina was a little too young to help babysit but she was already caring for herself. Katrina disappeared in February 2002 when she was just nine months old.


Whiskers Mob

Fu Dog Whiskers

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