King is played by XBoys.



King(VSKM002) was born on December 1, 2001 in the Starsky. His mother was Millie and his father was rover named Uranus. King was born with just a litter-mate sister named Sparkle(VSKF001). Sparkle and King were actually born before the Starsky had formed. His mother was from the Zappa, and had been abandon by the group at the old Zappa burrow. Luckily Millie was not alone, she was joined by three evicted females and later some Zappa males, who were displaced by Commandos males, met up with the females forming the Starsky. Both pups survived the first three weeks. In February, he injured his leg after exploring too far and falling to a bolt hole but he was soon helped by his mother. In the same month, the dominant female of the group gave birth to four other pups. King is still alive in the Starsky today.


Starsky Mob

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