Lucas is role played by Sir Rock.

Lucas Whiskers

Lucas Whiskers

Date of Birth
August 5, 2000
Known For
Ginger's son


Lucas(VWM029) was born August 5, 2000 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Ginger a subordinante female and his father was Gothic a rover from the Zappa. His litter-mates were his sister Angelina(VWF028) and brother Raymond(VWM030). The three pups survived their first month and started foraging with the adults. At first Lucas was belived to be a female but as he got older it became clear he was a male. The dominant female Fu Dog gave birth to a litter of two pups the following month. Lucas and his brother and sister survived their first year without much event. Lucas started to rove with the older males. He first went roving in December 2001 with his three older uncles and young cousin and visisted the Lazuli. None of the males had any luck with the females there so they males conintued roving esle where. Soon the five rovers came across a group that had lost most of there natal-males.


The five males had dicovered the Aztecs Mob. The dominant female was Gaia however Lucas was more interested in her younger sister Isis. With no adult males in the group, the five Whisker rovers easily joined the group. While the eldest males competed for dominance, Lucas snuck away and mated with Isis. He and his young cousin stayed out of the dominance fight, finally the oldest of the males Tryan became the dominant male. Isis soon gave birth to Lucas' pups Tabiji and Whitney in Janaury 2002. Lucas went roving with Cackle and his cousin Gerald in late 2002. They visited the small Starsky. This was the last time Lucas and the other males were seen. Lucas was considered Last Seen in August 2002 with his uncle and cousin.


Whiskers Mob

Aztecs Mob

Ginger Whiskers

Isis Commandos

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