Luke is role played by Aniju Aura.
Luke Starsky



Luke(VSKM007) was born on February 28, 2002 in the Starsky Mob. His mother was an evicted female named Pumpkin and his father was Cookie a Lazuli rover. When Luke was born, his mother had been evicted and abandon back at the old Starsky burrow by the mob. Luke's litter-mates were killed by a yellow mangoose, however Pumpkin managed to carry Luke away to a bolt hole, where she teamed up with an evicted female named Royal. The two females stayed togather and tried to join the Starsky. However Royal was mistaken for a rover and the Starsky gave chase. Royal picked up Luke while Pumpkin was chased off by the Starsky. Royal took Luke to the Starsky burrow where his cousin Dahvie picked up Luke and brought him back to the burrow. Dahvie placed Luke with Olivia the dominant female's pups. When the group returned, Olivia didn't seem to noticed she had one extra pup and Luke survived in the Starsky. However his mother Pumpkin had disappeared soon after in April. Luke and the other pups started to forage with the adults. Luke is still alive in the Starsky today.


Starsky Mob

Pumpkin Zappa

Cookie Lazuli

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