Maria is role played by XBoys.

Maria Whiskers



Maria(VWF041) was born on October 12, 2001 in the Whiskers.Her mother was Catnip and her father was a Zappa rover name Tiny. Maria's litter-mates were Goldie(VWF042), Pipsqueak(VWM043) and VWF044. On November 13, 2001 was the first time she and her litter-mates emerged from the burrow. Her mother Catnip was evicted by Fu Dog on December 9, 2001.She also experienced Amber  saving Katrina from a snake but was bitten herself. Maria stayed with Amber along with a few more meerkats. She went home and later that day Amber returned with the other meerkats. Maria is still alive today at the Whiskers.


Whiskers Mob Catnip Whiskers

Tiny Zappa

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