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  • Do you want a female named Sparkle in the Starsky? She was born in the first litter of the Starsky, but her role player left and we had to take her out. However since she is only one of the two pups born to Millie, and the first Starsky meerkat with the ID code, I thought maybe I should put her back into the group. Otherwise the Starsky would only have three adult females. Sparkle was born in December of last year. So she is appoarching her first birthday. There is also Bliss in the Zappa I plan on adding back into the group, she is Glee's litter-mate sister and Joy's only daughter. I can put her back into the group, so you can have an adult female in the Zappa.

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    • Alright. I'll make a page for Calvin and maybe Archer, if I have the time. I may make Ismeal's page today or tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

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    • Okay, you can edit Ryozo and Angelina's page so it says you role play them now. And Sparkles if you have not done that.

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