Millie is role played by Meerkats123.



Millie(VZZF019) was born on March 17, 2000 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was Pumpkin a surbordinate female, and her father was Tryan, a rover from the Whiskers. Her two litter-mates were Kitty and Tiny(VZZM020). Since they were born to a suborindate female, the pups could have been killed or abandon by the group. However the dominant female Lollipop allowed the pups to remain in the group even though her pups were a few weeks off. Lollipop gave birth to four pups two weeks later. Millie and her litter-mates survived as well as Lollipop's litter. Millie is still in the Zappa today.


Zappa Mob

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