Minerva is role played by Sir Rock.
Minerva playfight

Minerva and her brother Apophis play-fighting


Minerva(VCDF052) was born in the Commandos on March 31, 2002. Her mother was a subordinate female named Theia and her father was a rover named Gothic from the Zappa. Minerva was born with just one litter-mate brother Apophis(VCDM051). Minerva was born at a good time during the rainy season when food was plentiful. The Commandos were one of the large mobs around so there were many adults to look after the pups. At two months old Minerva's aunt Athena gave birth to three new pups, making her and her brother Apophis no longer the youngest within the Commandos. By then Minerva had grown and soon started to look after herself. Minerva is still alive in the Commandos today.


Commandos Mob

Theia Commandos

Gothic Zappa

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