Mizumie is role played by Sir Rock.

Mizumie Whiskers


Date of Birth
February 9, 2000
Known For
One of Fu Dog's first born sons


Mizumie Whiskers

Mizumie on sentry

was born on February 9, 2000 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Fu Dog the dominant female and his father was the new dominant male Kronos. He was born with one litter mate brother Prowler(VWM021) and two litter-mate sisters Blaze(VWF022) and Fire Storm(VWF023). They were Fu Dog's first litter ever and all four pups survived. The month that Mizumie was born there was a group split but all the meerkats soon return. The Whiskers were a fairly big mob so Mizumie had a good chance at surviving. In May Fu Dog gave birth to her second litter of pups but by then Mizumie was old enough to care for himself. When Mizumie was a year old he help babysit his mother pups with his sister Blaze and aunt Lily. The Commandos made a burrow raid on the Whiskers' burrow, luckily the three babysitters were able to move all the pups to safety. The small group spned a night away from the group and rejoined the following day with the three pups, however Lily disappeared soon after. In October 2001 Mizumie's brother Prowler went roving with the older males. Mizumie is still in the Whiskers today.


Mother: Fu Dog

Father: Kronos

Brother: Prolwer

Sisters: Blaze and Fire Storm


Whiskers Mob

Fu Dog Whiskers

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