Morpheus is role played by Sir Rock.

Morpheus Commandos

Morpheus Commandos

Date of Birth
April 18, 1999
Zilla and Frodo
VLF046, VLF047 and Mackerel
Known For
Commando rover


Morpheus(VCDM018) was born on April 18, 1999 in the Commandos. His mother was Zilla and his father was Frodo. His litter-mates were his one sisters Theia(VCDF020) and Athena(VCDF022) and two brother Neptune(VCDM019) and Uranus(VCDM021). They were the third litter ever born in the Commandos. Their parents were the dominant could so Morpheus and hsi litter-mates were well looked after. All four pups survived to adulthood and started helping out around the mob. Sadly Zilla and Frodo died in late 1999, Morpheus's older sister Libitina became the dominant female. His older brother Kronos became the dominant male till he left to join the Whiskers. Morpheus wasn't old enough to be interested in taking dominance in the group however his older brother Hades became the dominant male instead. Morpheus stayed in the Commandos and made it to a year old. He started helping out around the mob by babysitting and keept sentry.


In Janaury 2001, Morpheus went roving with Vulcan, Flame and Neptune, they came across the Aztecs. Since this was a Commando splinter group, the females were Morpheus' sisters and cousins so he couldn't mate with them so Vulcan and Morpheus went roving at the Lazuli before returning to the Aztces. Morpheus and Vulcan settled down into the Aztecs along with Neptune while Flame rejoined the Commandos. In April Morpheus went roving at the Lazuli again and mated witht he dominant female Sahara, before returning to the Aztecs. Morpheus stayed in the Aztecs for ten months before he went roving with Vulcan and Pluto


The rovers soon came across the Zappa Mob and found that three Commandos males had also joined the group. The new domiannt male Ares, Morpheus' older brother, allowed the new Commando males to joined the group. Morpheus is still alive in the Zappa today.


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