Orion is role played by Aniju Aura.
Orion Aztecs



Orion(VAZM027) was born in the Aztecs on September 21, 2002. His mother was Gaia the dominant female, and his father was Tryan the dominant male at the time. Orion was born in a litter of three, his litter-mates were were his two litter-mates Ferno(VAZM026) and VAZP028. Ahortly after the pups were born Gaia was predated on September 30, leaving her neice Ricochet as the new dominant female of the Aztecs. Ricochet took care of Gaia's last litter and soon the pups emerged. On October 17, 2002 Orion's father Tryan disappeared without a trace leaving Ricochet's brother Rocketeer as the new dominant male in his place. Orion and his siblings survived despite losing both their parents. Orion is still alive in the Aztecs today.


Aztecs Mob

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