Padfoot Lazuli


Date of Birth
September 27, 1998
Zizus and Belgrion
Known For
A Lazuli roving male

Padfoot is role played by Aniju Aura.


Padfoot Lazuli

Padfoot as a juvenile

was born on September 27, 1998 in the Lazuli Mob. His mother was the dominant female Zizus and his father was dominant male Belgrion. His litter-mates were his one brother Butch(VLM014) and two sisters Gracy(VLF015) and Silver(VLF016). His litter was born at the time the Lazuli were one of the biggest mobs around. The pups were cared for and all four survived to adulthood. Padfoot started babysitting and keeping watch over his family while forgaing. After Zizus was taken by disease, Padfoot's older half sister Hattie became the new dominant female but she was soon killed by disease. Sahara became the new dominant female along side Subaru. Padfoot sometimes roved with his older brothers but he mostly stayed in the group. One day he spotted a rover named Tryan. Padfoot chased him away but got seperated from the Lazuli. Padfoot wondered around till he met up with Tryan. Together they went roving at the Commandos. Another rover named Ghost tried chasing them away but failed. A few months later Padfoot and most of the Lazuli splintered from the group leaving Sahara with only seven members. The splinter group had three of the four pups but none of the females in the group could feed the pups. The splinter group soon met up with the main group. Padfoot soon went roving at the Zappa and mated with the dominant female Lollipop. She soon gave birth to On September 12, 2000 she gave birth to DahvieLady Day and Jayy. At little later he went roving again at the Whiskers and mated with Bee who gave birth to Popcorn and VWM037 on Janaury 20, 2001. Gracy and Silver had disappared after being evicted leaving just Padfoot and his brother Butch still in the group. Padfoot started fto spend more time roving at other groups. In October 2001 hewent roving again along with his brother Butch, older brother Subaru, and nephews Cookie, Cactus, Kolo and Elvis.


The group of seven Lazuli males roved at other grouips till finally they settled down at the Commandos. Subaru established dominance. Padfoot is still in the Padfoot today.


Mother: Zizus

Father: Belgrion

Broter: Butch

Sisters: Gracy and Silver

Mates: Lollipop and Bee

First litter born on September 12, 2000 mothered by Lollipop

Dahvie (VZZM028)

Lady Day (VZZF029)

Jayy (VZZM030)

Second litter born on Janaury 20, 2001 mother by Bee

Popcorn (VWF036)



Lazuli Mob

Commandos Mob