Pandora is role played by Aniju Aura.
Pandora Aztecs



Pandora(VAZF004) was born on December 21, 2000 in the newly formed Aztecs. Her mother was Gaia who became the dominant female of the Aztecs. Her father was a rover named Vrunner from the Zappa. She was born with three litter-mates two brothers Atlas(VAZM001) and Oasis(VAZM002) and one sister Hukles(VAZF003). All four pups survived and started foraging with the adults. Then about three months later two subordinate females named Hera and Eris both gave birth to three pups each. Pandora was too young to help out with the new pups however she was groing fast and could fend for herself. Sadly both her brother and sister Oasis and Huckles were lost leaving Pandora with just her last brother Atlas. Both brother and sister survived their first year and became the first pups to reach adulthood in the Aztecs. By this time a group of Whiskers rovers had join the group with Tryan taking dominance beside Pandora's mother Gaia. In March 2002, Gaia evicted the eldest females from the group before she gave birth to three pups. Panroda's aunts Hera and Eris were evicted along with RheaIsis and her cousin Ricochet, only Ricochet rejoined the group while the other four females left the mob. Pandora became the second oldest subordinate female under her mother. Pandora is still in the Aztecs today.


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