Pluto is role played by Sir Rock.

Pluto Commandos

Pluto Commandos

Date of Birth
May 20, 2000
Known For
Aztecs founder


Pluto(VCDM031) was born on May 20, 2000 in the Commandos. His mother was Libitina and his father was Subaru. He was born with two litter-mate sisters named Freya(VCDF032) and Keiferi(VCDF033) and one brother named Helios(VCDM034). His mother was the dominant female of the mob and the Commandos was large group so the pups had a good chance at surviving. Not too longer before Pluto was born his aunt Gaia gave birth to three pups. All seven pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Pluto played a low key members in the group being too young to help babysitting and taking sentry duties. In December 2000, the Commandos splintered, Pluto was among the splinter group.


The splinter group did not rejoin the Commandos and formed the Aztecs. Pluto's aunt Gaia became the dominant female and Zeus became the dominant male. Soon some more Comandos males and females joined the group. Pluto helped with babysitinng and sentry post. In Noevember he went roving with Vulcan and Morpheus and left the Aztecs for good.


The three rovers soon joined the Zappa Mob. Pluto's uncle Ares had already joined the Zappa and established dominance. The Commandos males settled into the Zappa.  Pluto is still alive in the Zappa today.


Commandos Mob

Aztecs Mob

Zappa Mob

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