Pumpkin Zappa

Pumpkin Zappa

Date of Birth
December 22, 1998
Brigit and Mike
Known For
Lollipop's sister

Pumpkin is role played by Aniju Aura.


Pumpkin(VZZF004) was born on December 22, 1998 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was Brigit and her father was Mike. Her litter-mates were her one sister Lollipop(VZZF002) and two brothers Ghost(VZZM001) and Hooligan(VZZM003). They were the first Zappa born pups ever. Pumpkin and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Brigit was the dominant female for a year than she died and Mike left the group to rove with his brothers. It was not Pumpkin but her litter-mate sister Lollipop became the new dominant female. Pumpkin put up no competion with her sister and was content with being a subordinate. Not long after Pumpkin mated with a rover named Tryan and became pregnant for the first time. On March 17, 2000 she gave birth to Kitty, Millie and Tiny. Two weeks later Lollipop had her own litter but she allowd the subordinate litter to survived. Soon after there was a group split in which Pumpkin was apart of but the splinter group rejoin soo after. In late 2000 Pumpkin mated with a rover named Hermes and gave birth to Napoleon, Ocicat, Penguin and Muffin on Devember 28, 2000. Pumpkin's litter survived for the first few month but Penguin was predated in October and Kitty disappared after being evicted. A group of Commando rovers joined the Zappa after Ghost and the eldest males had gone roving. Lollipop and Millie became pregnant, Lollipop started to evict females, Pumpkin was the first to be evicted along with two of her younger cousin and two sisters and two nieces. Lollipop abandon Millie at the old burrow, where Millie gave birth to two pups. The evicted females stayed at the old burrow with Millie but they soon went looking for the Zappa. After Lollipop gave birth, Emo, Skittles and Candy were allowed to rejoin the group. Pumpkin and her two younger sisters Olivia and Abby met up with Ghost's roving group and returned to the old burrow where Millie was with her two pups.


With the new pups the little group stayed together and established the Starsky. Ghost became the dominant male. Pumpkin was the oldest of the females and the most likely to take dominance. Both females were pregnant after mating with Lazuli rover, Pumpkin mated with Cookie. Olivia evicted Pumpkin from the group. She trailed the group for a few days and gave birth to a litter on Febuary 28, 2001. A mongoose invaded the burrow killing all the pups but the one male pup named Luke she managed to carry away. Pumpkin ran into an evicted female named Royal and the two stayed togather for a few days. When trying to rejoin the Starsky, Olivia and the others chased her away. However Dahvie picked up Luke and brought him back to the group. Pumpkin soon disappeared after that in April 2002.


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