Rhea is role played by Sir Rock.

Rhea Commandos

Rhea Commandos

Date of Birth
December 28, 1998
Pat and Delphy
Known For
One of the best babysitters


Rhea(VCDF016) was born on December 28, 1998 in the Commandos Mob. Her mother was Pat and her father was Delphy. Her litter-mates were one brother Vulcan(VCDM015) and one sister Cecilia(VCDF017). They survived to adulthood. Her mother howver never saw her pups became adults. Pat was evicted by Zilla, the dominant female, along with Mary and Rosie and disappeared. Sadly in December 1999 the Zilla died and Libitina became the dominant female. Rhea's older cousins Royal left the group and joined the Lazuli while Kronos joined the Whiskers. After her older cousin Gaia gave birth to four pups, Rhea was the first to babysit. Rhea started to become an active member of the Commandos, she babysat and helped keep sentry. She was also one of the most fiesty meerkats like most Commandos and she helped to chase away rovers. She helped Libitina and Gaia drive out her brother Zeus when he started acting up within the group. He was allowed to return a few hours later. After Libitina and Gaia gave birth to their litters, a rover named Crackle was seen roving at the burrow and while the Cammandos were foraging. He attempted to get Rhea's attention but she wasn't interested and the Commandos drove him away. Another Whisker rover named Nero came by the Commandos and this time Rhea was interested. She mated with him but the Commandos had wondered away while chasing another rover named Ghost. Rhea found herself without her extanded family but Nero stayed with her as she tried to find her family. They two accindently found their way to the Lazuli burrow where a Lazuli female Buttercup was. Royal was babysitting that day but Rhea never saw her sister. Rhea and Nero got frighten and ran back to the Command's territory leaving Buttercup confuses. Finally Rhea relocated the Commandos' burrow. On August 8, 2000 Rhea gave birth to Rocketeer and Ricochet. Not too long after the pups started foraging, a Zappa pup was adopted into the group. Then in December 2000 there was a group split, Rhea and her two pups were in the spliter group.


The splinter group became known as the Aztecs. Rhea did not compete for dominance. Her oldter cousin Gaia became the dominant female. Rhea stayed in the Aztecs helping out with babysitting and sentry post. In mid 2011 she mated with a Lazuli rover named Elvis and became pregnant. On August 30, 2001 she gave birth to VAZP014, BrineStoli and Patches. VAZP014 was predated within two months. Brine and Stoli disappeared in October after becoming seperated from the group leaving only Patches as the sole survivor. In early 2002 Rhea was evicted by Gaia along with her cousins Eris, Hera and Isis.  In March 2002 the females disappeared and Rhea was considered Last Seen.


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