Ricochet is role played by Sir Rock.

Ricochet Commandos

Ricochet Commandos

Yes of the Aztecs
Date of Birth
August 8, 2000
Amara Aztecs, Andrew Aztecs, Anna Aztecs, VAZP029, VAZP030 and VAZP031
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Aztecs


Ricochet(VCDF036) was born on August 8, 2000 in the Commandos.Her mother was Rhea and her father was Nero. She was born with only one litter-mate brother named Rocketeer(VCDM035) Their mother was a subordinate female within the Commandos and their father was a rover from the Whiskers. The dominant female of the Commandos was Libitina and she allowed Rhea to keep her two pups. Not too long after the pups were born, a Zappa pup was adopted into the mob. Ricochet and Rocketeer by then started to forage with the adults. They hadn't been in the Commandos long when the group split in December 2000.


The splinter group did not rejoin and formed the Aztecs. The oldest of the females Gaia became the dominant female. Ricochet was in the splinter group along with her brother and mother. Her and Rocketeer were the youngest members in the group. Ricochet and her brother soon reach adultood. Ricochet started babysitting and help care for the pups. In October 2001, Ricochet mated with a Zappa male named Twix and became pregnant. On December 1, 2001 Ricochet gave birth to Amara, Andrew and Anna. That ever same month a group of Whisker rovers joined the group. Soon Gaia event all the adult females including Rhea, Ricochet's mother. The females disappeared leaving Ricochet as the oldest subordinate female under Gaia. Being the oldest Ricochet was the most likely to be evicted and when Gaia became pregnant in late 2002 Ricochet was the first to be evicted along with her younger cousins. The females spent a few weeks on their own and attempted to rejoin the group. In early October the evicted females led by Ricochet rejoined the Aztecs and found that Gaia was gone, she was predated just before the females had rejoined the group. Ricochet took over the care of Gaia's new bornpups and soon established her leadership over the Aztecs, being the oldest female. She was unrelated to the dominant male Tryan, however in mid October he had disappeared leaving Ricochet's litter-mate brother Rocketeer as the new dominant male. In December Ricochet mated with Twix again and became pregnant. The following month Ricochet gave birth to another litters of three pups, VAZP029, VAZP030 and VAZP031, on February 9, 2003. Ricochet is still in the Aztecs today.


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