Rina is role played by Sir Rock.

Rina Whiskers


Date of Birth
September 24, 2000
Known For
Gattaca Founder


Rina(VWF031) was born on September 24, 2000 in the Whiskers. Her mother was Fu Dog and her father was Kronos. She was born with just one litter-mate Sherlock(VWM032). A month before Rina's aunt Ginger gave birth to three pups which survived as well. The Whiskers were a big mob and so there were plent of helpers to care for the all the pups. Rina started foraging with the adults and soon became independ. Her aunt Georgina gave birth to three pups in December. By then Rina was old enough to care for herself but she wasn't old enough to help out with the new pups. Rina and her brother soon reach their first birthday and started helping out around the mob with babysitting and taking sentry duties. Rina avoided mating with rovers and managed to survived evictions unlike her aunts, cousins and sisters. Rina remained in the Whiskers for two years. Her mother Fu Dog became pregnant in late August 2002 and evicted Rina's aunt Catnip, older sister Fire Storm and older cousins Snickers and Angelina, and lastly Rina. The females spent the night in a nearby bolt hole. The very next day the females woke to find a group of Zappa rovers.


The small group stayed together and founded the Gattaca Mob. Rina was the youngest of the females so she didn't try to compete for dominance. Instead her aunt Catnip became the dominant female without much difficulty. One of the Zappa males named Napoleon became the dominant male. Rina is still in the Gattaca today.


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