Ruby is role played by Sir Rock.
Ruby Lazuli



Ruby(VLF038) was born in the Lazuli on September 25, 2000. Her mother was Sahara the dominant female and her father was Punker, a rover from the Zappa. She was born with just one litter-mate brother named Socks(VLM039). The two pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Lazuli were a large mob with many adults to care for the pups so their chanced at survived were greater. Also being the dominant female's pups and the only pups in the group, Ruby and Socks were spoiled, especially that their mother was the dominant female. They enjoyed the easy life of a pup for five month till a subordinate female named Royal gave birth in February 2001. Ruby wasn't old enough to help out with the pups, however she was forced to fend for herself. Soon Ruby and Socks reach their first birthday. Ruby started to help with babysitting and sentry post. Unlike the older females in the group, she avoided the rovers so she avoided eviction. Ruby still alive in the Lazuli today.


Lazuli Mob