Sahara Lazuli

Sahara Lazuli

Yes of the Lazuli
Date of Birth
October 12, 1997
Zizus and Balgrion
Subaru and Saturn
Ghost and Punker
Kolo Lazuli, VLM025, VLM027, Christina Lazuli, VLM030, VLF031, VLF032, Ruby Lazuli and VLM039
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Lazuli


Sahara is role played by Meerkats123.


Sahara(VLF008) was born on January 10, 1997 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Zizus and her father was Balgrion. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Subaru(VLM009) and Saturn(VLM007). They were Zizus's first litter ever. Sahara and her two brothers survived to adulthood and became babysitters and guards for the Lazuli. After Zizus died of TB following Balgrion, Hattie, Sahara's older half-sister, took over as the dominant female. Hattie was soon joined by Ralph. Hattie had one litter before she died. When Sahara was 3 years old she took dominance of the group after Hattie died. Ralph had died so Subaru took over as the dominant male. Saturn left the group with some of the other males. Not long after Sahara became the dominant female, she allowed a female Commando named Royal join the group even though most of the Lazuli were adult females. A few days later she mated with a rover named Ghost. After this she moved the Lazuli into Whiskers's territory. She gave birth to her first litter on February 15, 2000 Kolo, VLP026, VLP027, Christina and VLP029. Sadly VLP026 was killed by the Zappa. Sahara mated with Ghots again a few months later. The Lazuli splintered when Sahara was distracted with a rover named Crackle. The splinter group took three fo the four pups leavign Sahara with only seven members in her group. The splinter group soon rejoined the main group. Sahara gave birth to her second litter of five pups shortly after evicting Royal and Buttercup. She gave birth to VLP029, VLM030, VLF031, VLF032 and VLP033 on May 2000. However, VLP029 and VLP033 died during a burrow move Royal soon rejoined the group Buttercup rejoined the group a faw days after Royal Two Zappa rovers, Gothic and Punker visited the Lazuli. Sahara was lured away from the group by Punker. She mated with him. On September 25, 2000 Sahara gave birth to Ruby and VLM039. Sahara is still the dominant female of the Lazuli today.


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