Seth is role played by Sir Rock.


Seth(VLM034) was born in the Lazuli Mob on My 21, 2000. His mother was Royal and his father was Hooligan. When he was born his litter-mates were abandond by the Lazuli because a snake had gone down the burrow. His mother was only able to save him. The dominant female Sahara gave birth on the same day. The pups were moved to a new burrow. A few days later Buttercup gave birth to three pups. Seth surivived his first few months without much event. He soon reach his first birthday and started to help out with the pups, sentry duties and start roving. In February 2001, his mother Royal gave birth to another litter, sadly one of the pups was lost. Late 2001, dominant male Subaru left the group and joined the Commandos leaving the dominant male position open. Seth was one of the oldest males in the group, however Brouno was older and still in the group. By the end of the month there was no dominant male and Brouno seemed uninterested in taking dominance. In the following month Seth started to scent mark more and asert his dominance. He became the new dominant male, and although he was unrelated to the dominant female, Seth did not breed with Sahara, believing she was his aunt. Bronuo did not try to take dominance from Seth. A few months later Brouno disappeared after taking to roving. Seth started to rove a bit more with the other males, however the frequent rovers from rival gangs kept Seth busy. Seth's mother disappeared after being evicted. Seth is still alive today in the Lazuli.


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