Skat Kat is role played by Aniju Aura.
Skat Kat

Skat Kat


Skat Kat(VLF051) was born in the Lazuli on July 28, 2001. Her mother was a subordinate female named Cupcake and her father was Tryan, a rover from the Whiskers. Skat Kat was born in a litter of three with just one sister VLF049 and and one brother Storm(VLM050). Even though their mother was not the dominant female, Skat Kat and her siblings survived their first few weeks and started foraging wih the adults. Skat Kat and her two litter-mates made it through their first year without much event. In August 2002, both Skat Kat and her cousin Cleo became seperated from the rest of the Lazuli. The two females were able to rejoin the group later on. As a year old now, Skat Kat started to help out with babysitting and sentry duties. In September 2002 the Lazuli experienced a group split, Skat Kat and her brother Cupcake were in the spinter with Cleo and about half of the Lazuli while the rest were with the dominant female Sahara. Skat Kat is still alive in the Lazuli today. 


Lazuli Mob

Cupcake Lazuli

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