Smokey is role played by Sir Rock.
Smokey Lazuli



Smokey(VLM035) was born on June 6, 2000 in the Lazuli. His mother was Buttercup and his father was Nero. Smokey was born in a litter of three with just two sisters named Winter(VLF036) and Ivy(VLF037). He and his litter-mates survived their first few months. Winter disappeared along with some of her aunts. Smokey and Ivy reached adulthood and started helping out around the mob by babysitting and taking sentry duties. In October 2001 all the adult males went roving leaving Smokey and his cousin Seth as the oldest males in the group. Smokey is still in the Lazuli today.


Mother: Buttercup

Father: Nero

Sisters: Winter and Ivy


Lazuli Mob

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