Theia is role played by Sir Rock.

Theia Commandos


Date of Birth
April 18, 1999
Zilla and Frodo
Known For
Commandos' Babysitter


Theia(VCDF020) was born on April 18, 1999 in the Commandos. Her mother was dominant female Zilla and her father was dominant male Frodo. Her litter-mates were her one sister Athena(VCDF022) and three brothers Morpheus(VCDM018), Neptune(VCDM019) and Uranus(VCDM021). All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Commandos were a fairly good size group so the pups had a good chance at surviving. Sadly Theia lost her mother and father to disease before her first birthday. Her older sister Libitina became the new dominant female. Theia reached her first birthday and started helping out around the mob by babysitting and taking sentry. In December 2000, the some of the Commandoes split from the group and never returned, Theia and her litter-mates stayed in the Commandos. The splinter group became known as the Aztecs. In Jauanry 2001, some of Theia's brothers including Morpheus and Neptune went roving along with Vulcan and Flame and joined the Aztecs however Flame soon rejoined the Commandos. Theia remained in the Commandos a little longer. She mated with a Zappa rover named Gothic and soon became pregnant. On March 31, 2002 Theia gave birth to Apophis and Minerva. Libitina allowed Theia to keep her pups and soon Athena gave birth to a litter. Theia remained in the Commandos a little longer helping out with the new pups and sentry duties. Theia remained in the mob for a few more months till she was evicted in September 2002 by pregnent Libitina. Her sisters Athena and Artemis were also evicted along with her and together they were Last Seen on September 20, 2002.


Mother: Zilla

Father: Frodo

Sister: Athena

Brothers: Morpheus, Neptune and Uranus

Mate: Gothic

Children: Apophis and Minerva


Commandos Mob

Gothic Zappa